Yasumichi Morita

GM. Yasumichi Morita (Grand Master S-Rank)

If a work is commissioned to a WDC S-Rank designer, the resulting design work are expected to be exceedingly exceptional, excellent, outstanding, genius, artistic, imaginative, visionary, effective and amazing. The designer has extremely strong technical, aesthetic, innovative, emotional and creative capacity to meet requirements to complete design development commitments. WDC S-Rank is the highest and most important achievement status that could be obtained by the very best, world-class designers with unmatched creativity, professionalism and genius. Yasumichi Morita was assigned Grand Master title within Grand Master tier, entitled to honorific Grand Master abbreviated as "GM". Further information and portfolio available at our Yasumichi Morita designer profile. Score brakedown and evaluation is as follows:

Gran Maestro Yasumichi Morita Achievement Data
# L U P G S B I R E D W
8 36 0 2 2 3 0 1 0 0 0 0
# : Data Strength, L : L-Score, P : Platinum, G : Gold, S : Silver, B : Bronze, I: Iron Awards. R : Runner-up, E : Participant, D : Default, W : Withdrawn.

Yasumichi Morita has been recognized with the title Grand Master.
Gran Maestro Yasumichi Morita is S-Rank, has L-Score of 36 and R+ Rating of 466,503 as of 2023.

WDR Title
WDC Rank
R+ Rating
Yasumichi Morita, GM.
Gran Maestro
Grand Master

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